Advertising Design
Visually articulate one of the United Nation Human Rights as poster design.
Wayfinding System
Creating a creative and unique wayfinding system for the Arch and Helen Brown Centre (Georgian College Downtown Location).
Package and Website Design
Innovative and realistic package design for a wine box series, including the development of​ a new product name and identity.
Catalogue Design
Promoting a chain of retail outlets that specialize in high-end​ furniture and home decor, in form of a catalogue.
Typeface Design
Designing my own typeface and creating a digital/vector version of it, using Adobe Illustrator.
Branding - Home Renovation Company
Developing a brand identity for a company in a specific work field, including stationery design, a brochure, developing a website design as well as magazine and newspaper advertisements.
Brand Asset Guide
Developing and designing a four-page​ standard manual, using my own developed superhero brand name and logo.
Corporate Design
Using type and image, I created a visual statement that voices my opinion on a critical issue in contemporary society.
Advertisement Design
Analyzing the Wonder Bread brand and creating an effective and unique solution that emphasizes its benefits and addresses its target audience.
Magazine and DVD Cover
Designing the DVD cover for an existing movie with a genre swap and turning it also into a magazine cover design.
Package Design - Tempo Plastic
Developing a maple leaf cream cookie package design for Tempo Plastic.
Car Wrap Design
Designing a vehicle wrap for a 2019 Kia Stinger G with focus on promoting Mario Design's new reflective vinyl.
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